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We are a community-based organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. With the help of our tireless volunteers we coordinate the views of Community Councils, represent them when requesteed to and hold two conferences a year addressing community issues and  in-depth training sessions for our volunteers.


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Are you passionate about your community ? Let us know!  Community Councils in every area of West Lothian are  always looking for volunteers to help them make our Communities better. We'll help you find a way to volunteer that best suits you. We're excited to have you join your  local Community  team!


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Whether you help your local Community Council through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our work through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our community goals without the help of supporters like you. 

the JOINT FORUM of Community Councils in West Lothian



Name:  The name of the group shall be the Joint Forum of Community Councils in West Lothian. 

Governance:  The Forum will be operated by community councils with support from West Lothian Council. 

Aims of the Forum: 

• To share knowledge and experience on subjects of common interest. 

• To formulate questions for the council’s Policy, Development and Scrutiny Panels (PDSPs) and to influence community planning decisions. 

Membership of Forum: 

• Membership of the Forum shall be open to every community council across West Lothian. 

• Each community council will only have one vote at meetings of the Forum, regardless of the number of members per community council in attendance. 

Meetings of the Forum: 

• The Forum shall hold one Annual General Meeting before one of its two ordinary meetings/events per year. Ordinary meetings/events will take place on dates set by the Forum. 

• Special meetings/events can be called at any time on the instruction of the Chair or at the request of at least 5 operational community councils in West Lothian. The local authority’s liaison officer for community councils will also have discretion to call a special meeting of the Forum.  

• Special meetings will be held within 14 days of receipt of the request by the Forum.  

• Meetings will be quorate when at least 5 community councils are represented. Multiple members from one community council will not count towards the quorum. 

Office Bearers: 

At every AGM, the Forum shall elect a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. The Forum can coopt representatives to fill any vacancies which arise between the AGM. Wherever possible, the office bearers should be made up of different community councils. 

Sub-Group:  The Forum will appoint a sub-group comprising the 4 office bearers and up to seven additional members. The sub-group should comprise members from different community councils. 

Sub-group members may be invited to represent the views of community councils on council and partner agencies committees/panels. 

Comments from community councils will be sought through the Joint Forum page on the Knowledge Hub given the tight timescales between agenda papers being available and meetings taking place.  

The sub-group will provide regular feedback on business arising from these meetings which is of interest to community councils. 

Records of Meetings: 

Notes of meetings of the Forum will be produced and circulated to all community councils in West Lothian by the council’s liaison officer for community councils. 

Control of Finance: 

• An annual grant set by West Lothian Council will be used to fund and advance the work of the Forum to support community councils across West Lothian. 

• There shall be three signatories appointed from the office bearers of the Forum. Every cheque will require to be authorised by two of the three signatories. Authorised signatories must not be co-habitees. 

• The Treasurer shall keep proper records of the finances and prepare a statement of accounts for the previous financial year that shall be independently examined by a qualified accountant or two examiners appointed by the Forum. Auditors cannot be a member of a West Lothian community council nor have any connection to any member of a West Lothian community council. 

• The financial year of the Forum will operate from 1st April to 31st March the succeeding year. 

• Examined accounts will be approved at the AGM and submitted to the local authority in claim of an annual grant. 

Changing the Terms of Reference: 

• Any proposal by a community council member to change the Terms of Reference must be considered at a quorate meeting of the Forum. 

• If the proposal is supported by the majority of community councils in attendance at the meeting, the amendment shall become effective with immediate effect. 


• Dissolution may occur on a voluntary basis and by resolution of the majority of members in attendance that are entitled to vote at the meeting where the proposal is considered. 

• Funds and property of the Forum will be held in trust by West Lothian Council. 

Approved at the second meeting of the Joint Forum of West Lothian Community Councils held in West Lothian Civic Centre, Livingston on 7th December 2018. 


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WHAT are Community Councils in West Lothian FOR


We grow inititives and projects from the ground up

Every committee council  is made up of volunteers from the committee they live in. They get together regularly to discuss and plan and implement ideas that come forward designed to help their community.


We are democratic bodies that are elected every four years and we give a voice to the community we live in.

The community's views are very important to us and we endeavour to keep in touch with the views on issues affecting the community. All our meetings are held in public and the public are welcomed to our meetings  


We tackle every type of issue and make sure people know where we stand

We are consulted by every type of public body and developers on a wide variety of issues including planning. We formulate our views democratically and make sure they are clear and understood. We are not party political organisations and take care not to be labelled as such.